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12/11/2019 04:19:57 AM

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Strap's Bootcamp

Strap's Bootcamp

Raiding is simple.

Rule #1: Show up for raids

  • Show up 15 minutes prior to raid time. Invites start BEFORE official raid time. Be in the zone of the raid instance. Raids are @ 5PM on Tuesday, 5:30PM on Friday, and 4:00PM on Sunday.
  • If you do not get selected for a raid, stay in the standby channel. This will give you attendance credit, without which you'll get booted.
  • You must attend or be in standby for 65% of all raids to stay in the guild.
  • To rank up you must keep up your attendance, and not be a failure. The higher your rank the more likely it is you'll get a raid spot.
Reference: Blackdawn Raiding FAQs

Rule #2: Know your class

  • You should read strategy guides on your class. Understand what the best raiding spec(s) are. If you choose not to use a recommend spec, you better be prepared to justify why, and it better show in your meters.
  • As with specs, you should read up on itemization and how to enchant/gem. Understand what your caps are (hit, haste, etc) and meet them, but do not exceed them.
  • Understand your spells. On every fight you should be thinking of new ways you can use every spell to maximize fight success. Use interrupts whenever possible, understand your basic functions and when you need to use them in each fight: MD, taunt, etc. If you don't know - ask!
  • Know your rotations that will maximize your DPS.
  • Find a mentor in guild who can help you with these things.
References: Elitist Jerks (class strategy)

Rule #3: Know the fights

  • Watch tankspot videos for every encounter, EVEN if you think you know the fight. Listen to the tips.
  • Read a text-based boss strat for every encounter. Think about each and EVERY ability the boss has and what you can do to avoid and or counter it.
  • Set up your addons so you are clearly alerted for abilities that you need to be aware of, and NOT distracted by alerts you don't need. DXE works great for this.
  • Do all this BEFORE your first raid.
  • If you're not 100% certain what to do, ask BEFORE the pull.
Reference: TankSpot Vids, Boss Killer's Strats

Rule #4: Be accountable

  • If you mess up, admit it and LEARN from it.
  • Be proactive about improving your abilities.
Reference: Accountability

Rule #5: Use your computer appropriately

  • Don't be a keyboard turner.
  • Use addons wisely.
  • Tune your video settings so you have reasonable FPS and response rates. If you have less than 5 FPS during boss fights, you have a problem.
Reference: Keyboard Turning
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